…..in case you haven’t noticed, that Christmas is a month away and January two months away! Got you thinking huh? Don’t worry, it had me at #2018 what the eff was that?! When we’re swept up in the cheer of the holiday season, it’s tempting to make overly ambitious resolutions for the new year.

‘I’ll never eat hot chips again!’ That’s simply ridiculous my friend. ‘I’ll learn to play one new instrument every month!’ Okay, Mozart. One of my #2018 resolution was to avoid eating sugary stuff, but then I realized sweet things, all around makes me really happy if you know what I mean. Am sure that explains where we are at.

The reality is that most of our new year’s resolutions don’t even make it past the second week of January. A valiant effort.
A study from 2016 published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, a scientific journal, investigated New Year’s resolutions and found that 55% of resolutions were health-related, such as exercising more or eating healthier. About 20% were to do with getting out of debt. Tricky to accomplish any time of the year, let alone from the festivities.

The fact that you have a desire to make some sort of change indicates that you do want to improve something about your life. Luckily, there are many things that you can to do help your resolutions succeed.
Such as making a bucket list, setting mini-goals, writing them down etc. Most of the time these resolutions fail because they are not the right ones. Some of the reasons why a solution would be wrong are

  • The plan is not realistic
  • Resolutions that are externally influenced. (The change the society wants to see in you.)
  • Indefinite.

One of the best productivity writers today, Benjamin Hardy, teaches us in Why You Should Change Your Goals Into Quests how to see our New Year’s Resolutions differently. Instead of just setting goals, strive for something you truly desire in life. He describes why we procrastinate and emphasizes the importance of including play in our lives. This article will help you alter your view of your life in a positive way.

On the other hand, Michael Hyatt says to “forget New Year’s Resolutions” in Why You Shouldn’t Bother Making New Year’s Resolutions, he goes on to show an efficient system for goal-setting. He states that there are five dimensions for goal-attainment that one should consider:

  1. Genuine possibility
  2. Past experience
  3. Effective design
  4. Intrinsic motivation
  5. Proven tactics

A to-do list didn’t entirely fail for me, but I realized that by restricting myself to that list only made me think that If I couldn’t achieve my goals, then I wasn’t going to be successful.

I decided to live by two resolutions each year, forgiveness, happiness and contentment. I realized that some days will be good but others will be tough and that I would have to learn to adapt to the situation. I have learned to find coping mechanisms, when I get depressed I often prefer noise in quiet, so I play loud music and be on my own.
If I struggled with a few pounds it wasn’t all that negative because it made my bum increase which I liked a lot and my cheeks which I like not so much but I love the smile. 

If my cash flow decreased I spent less on useless things and planned better for every coin I had. I have learned to greatly value small things which bring me joy like watching, taking a walk in the evening within the estate (Zibbs my munchkin calls me a night runner), bike rides, attend plays at Alliance Francaise, playing dress-up with all of my clothes then re-organizing my wardrobe and finding some pieces I haven’t worn in a minute, that would  inspire me to look forward to a new workday, an event or a party, have a one hour phone call with ma or grandma. I also learned that I love being in solitude, it helps me to reboot and let go of the negative energy and press the refresh button.

I have often felt like I grasp things a little too late in my life than everyone else, but my consolation has always been that I will do much better than the early birds if only I can learn with an open mind and do things from the core. I always challenge myself to believe that if I can understand the root, it will be easy to get the fruit. I get locked in my mind too many times afraid to face the world and the fears that come with it.
I am learning to be bold and create opportunity from everything. I love the challenge of learning new things, it frustrates and excites me, the mere thought of knowing that one day I will be good at something great gives me drive and frightens me at the same time. I often picture the thought of failing and I can’t help but work towards succeeding.

Each time life has given me an opportunity to learn something new, say swimming, driving, taking an exam(not so much), I give it my all and got contentment and felt some level of achievement. But truth be told we are only as good as our last success.

Life is a journey where we constantly have to keep conquering and defying the limitations. There’s no one perfect formula that one could draw up to be used by everyone. What works for me ain’t necessarily work for another.

2 thoughts on “What if I told you……

  1. Firstly, I’m proud of you for writing ✍️ this. Second, I like how your brain thinks. Wish we had more women out there as passionate and ‘woken’ as you. Great blog. Loved it 👌


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