………first off, let me start by saying, in all years of my life (you must be wondering how old I am, I guess you will never know..haha), this last year has been the worst. I have never encountered so many fake friends. How one minute they’re right by your side and the next they’re gone without so much as a warning. How you thought the secrets you told them were just YOUR secrets, they weren’t meant for others and yet everyone seems to know.
Lesson learned: keep things you don’t want your enemies to know, away from your friends. Ever heard the saying “ my best friend has a best friend? Stay woke my fren!

I’ve come across a lot, and normally I’m good at weeding them out. But this time, I didn’t get there in time. A lot of people will call me a hypocrite, they’ll probably call me fake, but yoh what they think of me really doesn’t matter. What matters is why they’re fake, when you’re friends with someone, your lives kind of merge. Your days blend together with theirs and if you’re lucky, they become your best friend. You essentially become one person, and so you share secrets, things you’ve never told anyone.

When that person betrays you, it’s like a hole has been ripped into your chest, the place where they used to be and sometimes you don’t know how to deal with it so you lash out at anything and everyone. Which causes a lot more problems than it’s worth.

I’ve come across many types of friends in my life where others feel the need to dictate who you should interact with yet, they don’t give you enough reasons why you shouldn’t. And when you ask them, they are like ‘’ aki sijui, my heart just tells me you shouldn’t hang out with him. There is something about him that I don’t like. It doesn’t feel right.”  Okay, Dr. Phil, I don’t know what you’re high on, but until you tell me why I shouldn’t, I will crawl, jump, climb, kamatia chini with him (and I say this in the most innocent way…..laughter!)…if you ask me, that’s pure jealousy!

Then again, are your friend’s friends your friends? I ask this because this has happened to me. Someone felt the need to tell me that, I shouldn’t hang out with her friends, whom I have known for years, and we’ve become good friends. My thinking would be, if you and your friends have a lukewarm kind of friendship, then I meet your watus and click or hit off, is that overstepping your boundaries? Should I inform you when am meeting up with them? Do you have to be there for us to hang out? Simply put, these are fake friends. They are the worst kind yet hypocritical. They say one thing to your face, and say something different behind your back. And I stand to be corrected.
Let’s face it, sometimes I’m a shit talker. As much I hate to admit, I can be the Wayne Cramp ( the mean and bully twin in The Cramp Twins Cartoon. My favorite cartoon of all times I must say).  I will walk right up to you and tell you how I feel. I know a number of my friends will agree with me. With me, you won’t have to find out from someone else because I’ll be the first to tell you. Regardless of the situation. But, this is not to be confused with being strong. I’m the type you’d literally blow their finger and I would burst into tears, some days.

The thing is if you’re going to constantly make indirect about someone, be man enough to tag them in it and don’t try to justify your stupidity. It’s really hard to take people seriously and treat them like adults when all they do is dumb childish shit. But hey, if that’s how you wanna live your life then so be it, I’m not going to stop you.

Moral of this blog: If you’re going to be a childish, insolent chit. Don’t drag others into your drama because you’re bored or because you have nothing better to do, I can assure you that they in fact do.



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